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Why Choose ECS?

Areas of Expertise

You can rely on ECS to professionally complete all of the critical tasks shown below:

1) We will lead your construction project and expertly manage all aspects of design development and construction work.

2) We will dovetail our services to work seamlessly with you and your staff.

3) We will generate a precise Scope of Work for design and construction services and find the best architects, engineers and contractors to meet the specific needs of your project.

4) We will generate innovative Request for Proposals to solicit multiple, competitive bids from top quality A & E firms and contractors and will negotiate fair contracts with each of them.

5) We will issue proven AIA contracts for all architects, engineers and contractors that include specific language to prevent construction problems and minimize the risk of litigation for their design and construction work.

6) We will provide you with an accurate budget and realistic schedule and provide you and your staff with monthly budget and schedule updates throughout the project. 

7) We will find you significant cost savings that will typically cover the entire cost of our professional services.

8) We will lead weekly Project Team meetings and generate specific Action Items to assign responsibilities and required completion dates for critical tasks including design, construction, permits, utilities, safety, process systems, packaging systems, billings and any owner responsibilities.

9) We will conduct regular construction site inspections, monitor progress, oversee workmanship quality and provide you with detailed monthly Progress Reports.

10) We will put decades of engineering and construction expertise to work for you and always look out for YOUR best interests.


Construction Management Reporting Structure

As a Construction Management Agency, ECS typically serves as the Owner's Representative and uses the format shown below to direct our projects. This format allows us to dictate certain stipulations for the design team and all the contractors in order to effectively lead your project, cut capital costs and keep everyone on schedule.   


Keys to Highly Successful Projects Are As Noted Below:

  • The Architect's contract is with the Owner and they report directly to ECS. 
  • The Civil, Structural, Mechanical & Electrical Engineers' contracts are with the Owner and they report directly to ECS. Depending on the needs of the project, one or more of these engineers may work under the Architect, but the engineers also work directly with ECS. 
  • The General Contractor's contract is with the Owner and they report directly to ECS.  
  • The Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing Contractors' contracts are with the Owner (instead of under the General Contractor) and they report directly to ECS. Depending on the needs of the project, these contractors may work under the General Contractor, but they also work directly with ECS.  
  • Fire Suppression, Fire Alarm, Security, Technology and Other Subcontractors' contracts are with the General Contractor, but they also work directly with ECS.
  • Process & Packaging Machinery Suppliers' contracts are with the Owner and they report directly to ECS. 
  • Owner employees who are providing services for the project may also report to ECS.