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We Get Construction Projects Done With Quality Workmanship, On Time & Under Budget

Scott Flynn, President of ECS, works as an Owner's Representative to make sure every project is done with the owner's best interests in mind from design development through construction completion.




What Our Clients Get From Us:

We use a unique, proven approach to oversee design and construction projects to eliminate our clients' stress and reduce their risks.The building design and construction industry is tough. Zoning, permitting, traffic studies, environmental regulations and building codes can be hard to understand. Site design, civil engineering, utilities, architectural design, structural engineering, mechanical engineering and electrical engineering are very complex. Construction work is extremely challenging for the utilites, site, building, HVAC, plumbing, electrical, fire protection, security and IT systems. Throughout design and construction, owners have a myriad of decisions to make, options to consider, and issues to resolve - all of which will impact the project quality, cost and schedule. We guide our clients through every step of the process and meticulously oversee the work of the entire project team.

We put decades of design and construction industry expertise to work for our clients and protect their best interests. We understand the entire construction industry - inside and out. We've served on City Planning and Zoning committees. We've done professional engineering design. We've done construction work. We've worked in executive management roles for contractors. We've got decades of valuable construction management experience. We've even provided legal expert testimony for lawsuits with design firms and contractors. We negotiate contracts, find cost savings, improve schedules, manage change orders, resolve conflicts, keep communication lines open, and monitor safety - all with the best interests of our clients in mind.  

We provide exceptional leadership to bring together the best project team for each client and make every project a success. We know how to chose the best design firms and contractors for every project. The building construction industry is very complicated so we have a great deal of respect for those professional architects, engineers and contractors who excel at what they do. Over the years, we've worked with incredible design firms and honest, exceptional contractors, but even the best firms can make mistakes or take on too much work. We know the value of competitive bidding, but understand that sometimes the best companies may not be affordable or interested. No matter the circumstances, we make our clients' projects successful by effectively leading all the pre-construction activities and the construction work so expectations are clearly understood and the entire project team works well together.