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Professional Construction Management Services We Provide

Proven Expertise

ECS can ensure your construction project gets done on time, under budget and with quality workmanship.

Each project is unique. Some clients need a fast construction schedule. Others must have very low construction costs to meet their ROI. Some clients require exceptional building construction quality. For every project we oversee, we start by making sure we clearly understand our client's specific needs and we bring together the best building design and construction team in the industry to meet those needs. We then put our proven construction management approach to work to ensure the success of every project. 

Shown below is a list of professional services ECS can provide for your construction project. With our help, you can remain focused on running your business. No matter where you currently are in the design or construction process, we can dovetail our services to work seamlessly with you, your staff, consultants, or any architects, engineers or contractors you may already have on board. Please call us today for a quote.  

1) We can coordinate with consultants and governing authorities for the zoning, permitting and project approvals.

2) We can develop a Request For Quote (RFQ) for design services, assess the credentials of interested A & E firms, solicit quotes from qualified firms, recommend which firm to hire and oversee the A & E design development.

3) We can recommend the best project delivery method for your project, i.e., Design/Bid/Build, Design/Build, General Contractor/CM-at-risk, Multiple Prime Contractors, Integrated Project Delivery or Public/Private Partnership. 

4) We can generate a Request for Proposal (RFP) for construction services, assess the credentials of interested contractors, solicit bids from qualified contractors, recommend which contractor(s) to hire and oversee the construction work.  

5) We can develop and issue American Institute of Architect contracts for A & E work and construction work in order to protect you from potential construction problems and costly litigation.

6) We can generate an accurate budget, provide value engineering as needed to cut construction costs, monitor monthly billings, review any and all change orders, and provide you with monthly financial updates to keep your project under budget.  Typically, we can save you much more money through our value engineering efforts than you will pay for our professional services.

7) We can conduct regular site inspections to oversee contractor workmanship quality, monitor their progress and provide you with monthly schedule updates to keep your project on schedule.

8) We can lead weekly Design Development and Project Team meetings, issue detailed meeting Minutes, monitor any and all critical "Action Items" that need to be resolved, and follow up on the status of each Action Item every week for timely resolution of important issues.

9) We can provide detailed monthly Progress Reports to you and your staff so you are all continuously up to date with the project financials, schedule, progress and any issues that may arise.

10) We can treat you, your staff, your consultants and everyone involved in the project with honesty, integrity, kindness and respect - all while looking out for out for YOUR best interests.


Construction Management Reporting Structure

As a Construction Management agency, ECS serves as the Owner's Representative and we use the reporting structure below to complete our projects. As shown, the Owner has a contractual relationship with all parties involved in the building design and construction, but the parties report to ECS throughout the duration of the project. This format provides ECS with the authority needed to properly oversee the work of the design team, the contractors and anyone else critical to the success of the project.  


Options for Consideration

  • The architect's contract is typically under the owner, but may be under the general contractor if a Design/Build approach is desired. 
  • Contracts for the civil, structural, mechanical, plumbing, fire protection, electrical, security and IT design are traditionally done under the the architect, but they can be done directly under the owner as shown above.  
  • With project leadership from ECS, the owner has the option of having the mechanical, plumbing, electrical or other subcontractor work done under separate contract directly with the owner rather than under the general contractor. This "multiple prime" approach can save money and time, but needs to be addressed with general contractors during the bid solicitation process.