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ECS Serves as the Owner's Advocate to Get Construction Projects Done Without Wasting Time or Money

Here's Why You Should Call ECS About Your Construction Project

ECS works as a professional liaison between owners and everyone needed to complete the owner's construction project. We put our building design and construction expertise to work to coordinate and oversee the services of architects, engineers, general contractors, subcontractors, suppliers and governmental agencies. We make sure owners get their projects done right.  

We know that taking on a construction project can make owners feel stressed and overwhelmed because the construction industry is complex, expensive and tough.

  • It's a "Good-old-boy" network so it's hard to tell the fair, honest companies from all the greedy, deceptive ones.  
  • Quality workmanship is always a concern.
  • Delays are all too frequent.
  • Change orders and cost overruns happen.

ECS can help! Prior to founding ECS, our CEO spent a decade on the owner's side of the desk completing construction projects while managing a business. It's very hard to do. Because of this experience, we know all the pressure that owners face to get a construction project done while still handling all their day-to-day job responsibilities. 

As the owner, you must pull together an exceptional project team to make your construction project a success. Your entire company is watching you so you have to hire the right contractors and design firms. You need to find time to effectively oversee both the design and the construction work. Let us help - it's what we do best!  We honestly care about your success and want to be a key part of your team. 

If you plan to build a new building, expand your current building or renovate an existing building, schedule an appointment with ECS today. Together, we can get your project done right, on time and under budget.

Why ECS?

  1. We always look out for the owner's best interests. We make sure our clients do not waste any time or money. We are never biased in favor of contractors or design firms. We ensure our clients are treated fairly.  
  2. We have a proven, systematic approach to managing projects. It works. Every time. We use unique Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) that we developed through Six-Sigma Continuous Improvement management tools. We can show you how.
  3. You can trust us. ECS was founded on the Christian values and biblical principles of honesty, integrity, kindness and respect. To date, our clients have trusted us with over $600 million dollars of their capital expenditures. 
  4. We have extensive experience. We have completed over 150 projects at an average cost of about $4 million dollars each. We also have experience managing construction companies and completing Professional Engineering design so we know the industry - inside and out.
  5. We can handle projects of any size and scope. From a simple, low-cost renovation to a massive, complex project, we can do it all. The largest project we completed cost about $190 million dollars, but we use the same, proven approach on all our projects - no matter the size.   
  6. We know how to find cost savings and expedite schedules. We typically find MORE cost savings for our clients than they pay for our services so hiring us will DECREASE the project cost and we essentially work for free. Many clients have offered and happily paid us bonuses to save them money and get their projects done sooner. 
  7. Our clients trust us. 95% of our business is from repeat clients or client referrals.